Homework is assigned every night at the discretion of the classroom teacher.  To be profitable, such assignments should be an extension of classroom learning.  All children are encouraged to expand reading interest at home throughout the year.
Specific assignments may be related to units of study, projects, independent studies, and research efforts.  Completion of schoolwork and reinforcement activities may also be assigned.
The purposes that homework is assigned include the following:
  • Helping a student master a skill.
  • Encouraging a student to learn new things.
  • Assisting a student to understand what is being taught.
  • Developing a sense of responsibility and independence.
  • Promoting good study habits and motivation.
  • Acquainting parents with what their child is learning in the classroom.
The teachers' responsibilities include:
  • Explaining the purpose of each homework activity to the student
  • Creating activities that are necessary and beneficial, relevant to the area of study, reasonable in length, and appropriate to the maturity and ability level of the student
  • Acknowledging the completion of homework assignments and/or providing feedback
  • Not using homework as a disciplinary action for misbehavior of an individual student or group of students
The students' responsibilities include:
  • Understanding that it is the student's responsibility to complete all homework activities assigned by his/her teachers.  Failure to do so may lower a child's grade for that assignment.
  • Doing his/her best to complete the assignment to the best of his/her ability and to submit it when it is due.
The parents' responsibilities include:
  • Giving the child a quiet place and any materials needed to complete the assignments.
  • Reviewing assignments, offering advice and encouragement to the child, and signing the homework or assignment book to confirm approval of his/her child's performance.
Last Modified on September 10, 2008