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¿Cómo se dice «FUN»?         Comment dit-on «FUN»?

The Spanish and French students have been quite busy in Februaryand March. Thirty-five of our students participated in the Annual Bucks CountyWorld Language Contest held at William Tennant High School on February 26th.  We came home with an array of ribbons fromthe various competitions. Below is the breakdown of winners:

French 4 and 5 students received white ribbons for 1stplace: Brett Nabit, Cloe Jonas, JennChamberlin, Adrienne Berue.  FrenchHeritage Learner: Elena Kalkandi, received a red ribbon for 2ndplace.  French 1 and 2 studentsreceived red ribbons for 2nd place:  Eric Parker, Madelyn Spina, EishnaRanganathan.  Spanish 4 and 5 studentsreceived blue ribbons for 3rd place:  Rob Clark, Emily Singer, Elizabeth Arbegast, MeganRange.  Spanish Heritage Learnersreceived red ribbons for 2nd place:  Diana Bravo, Kathryn Leonard, Rolando Lopez.  Spanish 3 students received red ribbonsfor 2nd place:  ShellyDavidson, Nikol Davidson.  Spanish 1and 2 students received red ribbons for 2nd place:  Kyle Pennock, Mark Hargadon, Brenna Doyle,Noa Rassin, Emine Ocak, Katelyn Calvert. 

We commend all of those to who took this challenge and completedit with confidence, style, and grace. ¡Felicidades!  Félicitations!